How It Works

This is the picture of how the help phenomenon works at Golden Trust Donation. There is great chasm, shackle of poverty, disease and want which bedevil human race. It is a truism that such could be surmounted by conscious efforts of the people. Those in the Community work together to see themselves through. The first man who assisted another to cross is redeemed by other Participants and in that way, Participants willingly choose to help not because they have a duty to do so, but in their magnanimity to redeem others.


Provide Help (PH)

We believe that before asking for registration, you have fully understood the warning, workings and philosophy of Golden Trust Donation. Having done so, you’re welcome! Immediately after registration, a Personal Office is setup for each participant.
You declare willingness to provide help through your personal office. The system will pay you in Ghana Cedis (GHS). The minimum amount to pledge is GHS 100 (One Hundred Ghana Cedis) to enable us maintain integrity. For example, if you pledge to provide help of up GHS 2,500 (Two Thousand Five Hundred Ghana Cedis), the system will show you a gradual growth of your capital which would become Available Credit upon maturity and you can withdraw this through Get Help. We use the principal amount as internal score point of Participants.
Immediately, your Credit will begin to grow at the rate specified by our team. While it remains unconfirmed, you cannot Get Help (GH) out of the credit. Confirmation occurs when you have actually donated this amount to another Participant as may be directed by the system. It may not necessarily reach 7 days before another Participant asks to Get Help (GH).
Every time you Provide Help, we recommend you back it up with a referral who would do the same to the value of your Community Service Reward (if applicable) or you make a re-commitment of at least 50% of your most recent confirmed Provide Help so that subsequently the system can be sustained. Remember, if you’ve chosen to do it, Golden Trust Donation will pay you with such credit amounting to the 5% of both initial donation and subsequent ones your direct referral may make in the system. However, you will stop benefiting from these bonuses if you abuse the system by violating people's rights or stealing.

Get Help (GH)

Follow the easy guide to specify the amount; of course, you will see what you are entitled to in the listed plans, i.e. your credit growth and allowed amount. Place the order rightly. When matched, the system will assign you to another participant. Within 24 hours, your account will be hit with the money.
If you’re not paid within the stated time, it means that the other participant has failed, refused, or neglected to pay. Don’t worry, the system will assign you to another who will definitely pay you, and that participant who failed, refused, or neglected to pay you will be blocked permanently from the system.


Our system keeps records of all pledges and request for getting help coming from diverse participants. The amount a participant pledges to provide help with may correspond with the amount in the getting help request including yours, for the system to combine you and other deserving participants for the assignment.
When you pledge a big amount more than is due to the corresponding Participant, the system would split the money to the beneficiaries automatically selected.
NOTE: Credit growth is not affected by assignment. The system may be too buoyant that the number of the people willing to provide help may be far more than the people applying to get help (as is always the case); in that case, your credit growth starts immediately you pledge to provide help, not when it is confirmed. However, confirmation waits for actual donation, i.e. when you have actually paid the pledged amount to the bank account of the other participant assigned to you.


Golden Trust Donation is not a network where your growth is determined by the activeness of your down lines but their integrity and faithfulness. To this end, we want to note the fact that you make the Community sustainable by your efforts in bringing people to the Community.
Golden Trust Donation rewards your efforts with 5% of every donation made by your referral. Referral is a person who is introduced in the Community by a Participant, while a Participant is a registered member of Golden Trust Donation.
As a gratuitous contribution to the development and sustainability of the Community, after confirmation on each time you request to Provide Help, we would require that you refer at least one down line or advise any of your down lines to do the same.


HOW IT WORKS – When a Participant invites or registers another to be Golden Trust Donation participant, if such participant introduces, registers, or guides another new participant, that Participant has created a chain called multi-level structure. Golden Trust Donation pays all members with multi-level bonus, apart from referral bonus of 5%.
Adwoa registers Kwame who brings Ama and Esi. Then, Esi invites Kwaku whiles Kwaku registers Kwasi who refers Fifi. Adwoa shall be entitled to 5% of all Kwame’s donation, 4% of all Ama's and Esi's donation, 3% of all Kwaku’s donation, 2% of all Kwasi's donation and 1% of all Fifi’s, etc.
Adwoa may have many others that he introduced in the Community, whose donation will attract more bonuses to him.
Multi-level bonus is accessible as referral bonus from the new donation of down lines. NOTE: To reap the multi-level bonus, all Participants are advised to organize seminars, prepare banners, post online tutorial videos, power-point presentations, flyers, postcards to lure participant to your box office for registration. Any new member registered in your down line shall multiply your bonuses in multilateral progression . . . and you deserve it! Enjoy the unlimited life! Enjoy unlimited freedom!
Trust is the KEY